Summerhouse – Sheila’s Story

While I stayed with my Gran in Butterknowle, I became very close to her. She told me stories about her younger days. Yes my Gran was young once. She told me funny stories about my mam, who was also young once….imagine that.

One of my favorite stories was about the time my mam was in her early teens and made stew for dinner. It was her turn to cook and she made a wonderful stew, cooked it slowly and for a long time. While it was cooking, my Gran came in and asked her if she had seen the bag of daffodil bulbs that had been on the counter top. “I thought they were onions” my mam had said as she looked at the simmering pot of stew. Gran had laughed and said “don’t tell anyone, they will never know”. When they sat down to dinner that night, everyone enjoyed the stew. My Gran was right they never knew….what a delicy….daffodil bulb stew.

We found a home of our own.

Although it seemed like we stayed in Butterknowle for an awful long time, it really wasn’t that long at all. My mam had been riding her bike for miles and miles, trying to find a job that would enable us to move into a home of our own.

I enjoyed staying with my Gran, but my mam had felt she had out stayed  her welcome with her older sister Norah. Aunty Nora could be very difficult at times. She had a grandson called John. John ‘walked on water’. He was the ‘Golden Child’ and the only child that Aunry Nora liked. Her daughter (Golden Childs mother) was the headmistress in the school in Butterknowle. I really hoped we moved before I started school because I didn’t want her to boss me around. Golden Child’s Dad was really nice though, he was a footballer and I like him a lot. He was fun.

We did move. My mam got a job as a housekeeper in a lovely big Farmhouse in a nearby village. I was very glad. I don’t actually remember moving to Summerhouse, it was as though I woke up one morning and we were there. I loved it.

We moved to Summerhouse in 1961. This photo was taken in 2011, but this is the house we lived in. It hasn’t changed much at all.

I lived in Summerhouse (although I changed the name) in my ‘Girl on the Beach’ story. Check out the links below and either download a free copy from ‘Smashwords’ (US) or purchase a copy for $0.99 from Amazon.  It’s all about Sheila and her mam. It is the beginning of Sheila’s life of premonitions and visitations. From an early age Sheila heard ‘Words from Beyond’


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