The Bike Ride (a short adventure)

I was determined to have a bike ride tonight! The weather wasn’t agreeable at first so I drove home from work with my bike firmly fastened to my bike rack. I had a snack, read my mail and waited for clearing skies…

After a half hour or so the lightning seemed to be moving out and the thunder just rumbled in the distance so I quickly jumped into my truck and drove the mile or so to the Cherry Creek Trail. Lovely, it had cooled down and was the perfect temperature. No one else was parked there (which was a little alarming) other than a truck and horse trailer. In the distance I saw people riding horses so I wasn’t completely alone.

I quickly donned my helmet, mounted my bike and off I went. There is a half mile of rough track before you get onto the Cherry Creek Trail and maybe I was riding a little too fast when I almost took a tumble, but I regained control (not a pretty sight) and continued to the trail.

There were a few people riding horses

Now the smart thing to do would have been to ride my bike in the same direction as those people who were on horseback, but no, I rode the other way.

I was doing just fine, going at a good speed until I wondered why my bike was making a funny sound, a kind of shrieking. I stopped, thinking my front wheel was going to fall off, but no it wasn’t my bike as the noise continued. My eyes followed the direction of the awful sound and there was a prairie dog looking up to the sky and  hollering its lungs out . I looked up to see what the noise was all about, just as a lightning bolt struck the ground close by.

Noisy Prairie Dog

Mr Prairie dog turned tail and disappeared into his hole. Where could I find shelter on this open trail. No buildings, nothing.

Then I heard something that sounded like a babies rattle being shaken violently……..didn’t see anything, but didn’t need to. I sounded like a rattle snake to me.


I didn’t bother trying to locate the source of the rattle, I turned my bike around and rode as fast as I could. There were no other human beings in sight and it was starting to rain hard.

I rode across the rough ground as fast as I could, managing to keep my bike upright. I could see the trailhead in the distance with its tumble-down shed and old haunted looking house. I was almost there, riding past the haunted house when I heard a noise from within the shambles of a building.  I looked across to see what it was and rode smack bang into a fence post. Almost fell off my bike again, scratched my arm and leg, twisted my thumb, but stayed on.

It was pouring down now with lightning hitting the ground too close for comfort. I quickly put my bike back on the rack, jumped in my truck and drove away. I may have not rode more than three miles, but I certainly increased my heart rate. I need to bring it back to a comfortable beat so I am doing that right now with a glass of ice-cold chardonnay.

Hey I tried to exercise tonight, but the odds were against me….tomorrow is another day, and that’s when I will try again.

I needed this

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