World Cup Fever – A German Ghost Story

1982 – Germany. Everywhere you looked you saw the excitement and anticipation of the World Cup!

The whole world was watching Spain 82

My German Ghost Story Continues amidst the excitement of the World Cup!

Was this man real or one of your visitors?”

I couldn’t answer.  I didn’t really know. I didn’t see how he could have been real because Isabelle hadn’t seen him, but my visitors usually came after they were dead. As far as I knew no one had died.  I often had premonitions too, but they usually came in dreams. All of this is pretty hard to swallow if you don’t believe in that sort of thing, but to me, it was part of life. I just accepted it. I had a regular ‘visitor’ who had been with me since I was seven years old.  She had died in a horrific plane crash.  I saw the crash (although I didn’t know what I was seeing) before it happened, and the little girl attached herself to me.  She has been with me ever since. A beautiful blue-eyed child with pink ribbons holding her blonde curly hair back from her face. I enjoyed the company of that visitor. I called her my guardian angel.


We sat down that night and watched Italy beat Poland. It gave me great satisfaction to know that I would get to see Italy play in the World Cup Final.  Paulo Rossi scored both goals for Italy and the final score was two nil. I felt sorry for Poland, I always felt sorry for the losing team, but they had come a long way and shouldn’t feel disgraced. It was nice to focus on something other than Anna, and the man who had been haunting me all week. I hadn’t yet discovered if he were real or just some awful manifestation that had latched on to me. He fit the description of Viktor, which meant he was alive, but something was wrong!

After watching Italy beat Poland, we settled down to watch the other big game of the night, which was the game between Germany and France. I had not intended to watch the whole game, but once it started I couldn’t stop watching. If I had gone to bed I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway because Les was shouting and clapping. It was fantastic watching players such as Rumminege for Germany and Platini for France. It brings back incredible memories, good memories.

This image was everywhere

Both Germany and France battled to the bitter end and the game ended in a draw with both teams scoring three goals.  Then came the dreaded penalties. How I hated those tense moments just before someone kicked the ball directly at the solitary goalkeeper. If it was stressful for me I couldn’t even imagine how it felt for the players.  Germany were the victorious after the penalty shoot out, which meant that Saturday’s game was going to be OUTSTANDING.

Germany beat France in a penalty shoot out

We would be watching it at Julie and Graham’s house. They had invited about a dozen people for the World Cup Final.  Julie would be cooking, wine would be flowing and it would be a good afternoon. I was looking forward to it and hoped that only true fans would there so we would really be able to watch the game. I know Graham would only invite ‘real fans’, but what if those ‘real fans’ brought along their girlfriends, who just came for the party and free booze.  They would have to learn to be fans pretty quickly. There could be no distractions during a world cup final between Italy and Germany.  It was a very serious event.

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