The Ghost of Independence Day

The American Flag

American Flag











The flag flies high today to celebrate Independence day. We see the red, white and blue in many forms, but since 2003, Independence Day has brought a mystery to me!

It started with the door to our small spare bedroom rattling and then bursting open in the middle of the night, scaring my teenage daughter half to death! It was obvious this wasn’t caused by an open window as the howling coyotes keep us awake if we keep the window open. They were all firmly closed. This activity lasted for a couple of nights and then stopped until the following year.

My first thought was that this may have been my wayward brother visiting from the other side. He died in England, but had visited the US (although not me) on various occasions. He and my daughter had been fairly close for a period of time, so we thought he may be visiting on the anniversary of his death. Maybe he was!

My niece, who is in tune with this sort of thing, suggested it may be a soldier returning home from the bloody battles for Independence! Who knows? All I know is every at the beginning of July, we get a visitor. A fleeting shadow going upstairs, always to the spare room. Sometimes doors open and close. Sometimes we just feel a presence. Our house is only 20 years old, but it may be on the site of something much older.  Today is Independence day, we are waiting for our welcome, but uninvited guest. I hope he finds comfort for a short time!

One of the first battles for Independence

American Flag and Lady Liberty


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