Midnight to 3 a.m. The haunting hours!

I recently read the following in an article by Tracy Williams.

It seems that fear is at its most advantageous from midnight to 3 a.m.
Just check all the haunting stories, movies, and reality shows. Apparently spirits are allergic to daytime and rarely show themselves during the sunlight.
Nurses have told me that it is more common for people to die during those hours. Is that true? Does that have something to do with spirit activity?

She is, of course right, for the most part. I have often been woken up in the ‘dead’ of night, usually at around 2 a.m. I was woken up suddenly for several nights in a row at two o clock on the dot. Each time I was scared for no apparent reason. Fear runs riot in the dark. You are too scared to get out of bed, and too scared to stay in bed. I wonder if some people are literally ‘scared to death’.

I have seen ghosts in the day time too though, but those visitations are not nearly so scary. Daylight takes the edge off the situation.

Attached are some photos I found of daytime hauntings.

Its pretty hard to see the ghost in the  picture on the left, which I found in http://www.Southernspooks.com. Thee is something between the two trees though.

The ghost in the second picture is a little easier to see.

I find these things both frightening and fascinating. It’s like watching a tornado in the distance. Scary as hell, but you can’t stop watching it.


As I am writing this there is a storm brewing, as there often is in the early evening, during the summer in Colorado. One minute it is warm and calm, the next, you feel like you are in a wind tunnel. It sets the atmosphere for me to continue my writing.


What am I writing about? Daytime Ghosts. A visitation by a cruel and Evil Russian, who I nickname ‘The Evil Cossack’. I am hoping to finish this novel by the end of the year. It may be simply called ‘Words from Beyond’. Watch out for it.

If you want to read my two entertaining novella’s you can get them for 99 cents from Amazon. Of course there are ghosts in them, yes real ghosts.

You can also buy the paperback directly from my website   Words from beyond

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