Real Ghosts

I write about premonitions, ghosts and paranormal experiences. All of my stories are based on things that really happened to me. I add a little bit of spice to keep my readers happy, but all of my stories are based on true events that happened to me.

‘Girl on the Beach’ which can be downloaded as a free e-book from ‘Smashwords’ is based on something that really happened to me when I got lost on Blackpool Beach. I had a premonition about something happening to two people, and something really happened to them. It was pretty scary for me at the time because I was only a child.
The experience in the castle I write about in this book, really happened. Maybe it was my overactive imagination, because I had been told a ghost story about the ‘Green Lady’ that haunted that castle, but none the less, I was locked in a room and couldn’t move. Once I managed to get out of that room, I never returned. I re-visited the place on my recent trip to England and discovered it is now a hotel. I certainly wouldn’t stay there!
I have lots of ‘real ghost stories’. My granddad visited me on the night he committed suicide, I didn’t know he was dead and wondered how he found his way into my bedroom. He was old and had Parkinson’s Disease, so how did he get to my bedroom. I learned the following day he had drowned himself. He laid his had, and walking stick on the bank of the lake before walking in and drowning. He did this an hour before I saw him in my bedroom.
Yes my ghost stories are real, and I have a lot of them! My stories are still a little rough around the edges and my editing isn’t brilliant, but I am learning. Stick with me and enjoy the ride.
Feedback always welcome.

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