A Novel takes time!

Anyone who has been following my progress as a writer will know that over the past year I have produced two novellas, of which I am very proud. The first was ‘Girl on the Beach’ and the second was ‘Guy at the Bar’.

Writing and publishing these books was a learning process which I enjoyed. I met a lot of very helpful, talented and interesting people. I was, and still am, following my dreams and having fun.  That said, I think I maybe rushed these first two novella’s a little. I think the stories are good, but I should have taken more care with the editing.

Where do I go from here? A novel of course. A novel I have almost finished. I have been working on my novel for almost a year, but that is OK because I am learning ‘more haste, less speed’. I really did rush out these novella’s. Everyone tells me they are a good read and very enjoyable, but I want my books to be a ‘Great Read’ and more than just enjoyable.

My novel has no name yet, but Sheila is the main character and in trouble again. In this story, which is set in Germany in 1982, she is married to a British Soldier and loving the experience of living in Germany, until she crosses paths with an evil Russian. I don’t want to give too much away so follow my blogs and follow my story.
I am not going to rush this story. If it takes me another year to finish, so be it. I need the detail to be right and the ending perfected. I also need a title. ‘Escape!’, ‘The run away’, ‘Anna’ and ‘Evil Cossack’ are all under consideration.
This is the story that may decide upon my future as a writer so I want to get it right.
This is novel is going to be worth waiting for.
I am posting unedited clips of this novel on my blog. Comments and title suggestions welcome and encouraged. Help me out and I promise you, you will not regret it.

2 thoughts on “A Novel takes time!

  1. “Russian Roulette’?? ‘Danger in Deutchland’?? I havent seen any snippets about your book other than whats in your post… but thought Id add my ‘pennys worth’ anyway…

    Good Luck and ‘Be Inspired’ we rootin for ya in England!! xx

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