Gordon Ramsay

No photo’s of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant ‘Maze’, but I have to tell you this was a once in a lifetime experience (you may not be able to afford to go twice), but it was well worth the money.

We did the meal with the wine pairing, and of course there were three of us, which made it more expensive. The meal was truly outstanding. It was paired with a selection of beer, wine and sake.

The service was incredible. The atmosphere and surroundings were perfect. I enjoyed the evening immensely.

Gordon Ramsay certainly knows how to create an atmosphere. Perfect evening in every way!


If I were to compare this restaurant with any other, it would be the ‘Jules Verne’ in the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Both incredible. Maze had the advantage with food, never tasted anything so good, but of course the ‘Jules Verne’ had the view!



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