German Ghost Story

Its hard to believe its almost the end of May, one more day at work and then two weeks vacation. Heading back to England for the first time in eight years. Looking forward to re-visiting the places my stories started. I won’t be going to Blackpool, but I will be visiting Summerhouse, Brompton on Swale and Richmond. Maybe my visit will arouse memories and inspire me to write more stories. 

I was hoping to have my German Ghost Story finished by now, but it wasn’t to be. Maybe I will get time to write while I am away. I hope so! The next installment is below. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And so my story continues……..

After cleaning out the back of the car, I went and found Isabelle and asked her if she had seen anyone hanging around my car when she came after me this morning. She looked at me like I had lost my mind.

“You really were out of it weren’t you, there wasn’t anyone there, just you. You are losing yer mind, that what ye get for being married to a bloody black Sassenach that cheers for the foreign teams”

(Sassenach (sass-y-nak) sic. Dialect, chiefly Scot. ~ n. 1. an Englishman or -woman 2. used by Highlanders to describe non-Gaelic-speaking Lowlander [from the Gaelic sasunnach, meaning Saxon]) 

That made me laugh, I had forgotten that Isabelle’s husband had been in pursuit of Les and Graham during the Scotland v. Brazil game.  Laughter felt good.  It had been a strange day, in fact it had been a strange week, but it at least it was Thursday. Only one more day to go until the weekend! What was that song again, ‘Everyone’s just working for the Weekend’!

That is exactly how I felt! Still tonight was important.  I knew Italy would beat Poland. What would happen between Germany and France though? Even though I would have loved the German team to be knocked out at this stage, just to teach them a lesson, I really wanted them to get through to the World Cup Final and then be beaten by the Italian team.  By tomorrow morning, we would know which scenario it would be.

When I finished work on Thursday, I was exhausted. As I walked to my car I thought about all that had happened during the course of the week. It all started on Sunday with the brief encounter with Anna in the park. That encounter led to visitations from the ‘Evil Russian Cossack’. Monday had been exciting and exhilarating because of the World Cup, when your team won there was nothing like it, and my team had won. On Tuesday I had literally run into Anna whilst shopping! That had led to the ‘Great Escape’ as I later called it.  She finally got away, disappeared, hopefully to start a better life many miles away and beyond the reach of the man who had almost ruined her life and would surely have eventually ended it. I was convinced that had she not escaped when she did, she would have been killed or taken her own life. I felt happy that I had been able to make such a difference in someone’s life, and I truly hoped things worked out from her. I wanted her to stay in touch with me, but understood if she didn’t.


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