Darlington – County Durham

Darlington CLock Tower

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No, this is not Big Ben, this is the Clock Tower in the middle of the high street in Darlington. Darlington was my old stomping ground when I was a teenager. Did I ever notice this clock tower…..of course not. I probably looked at it every Frida and Saturday night, but never saw it.

I have lived in Colorado since 1995, and before that, in the south of England since 1977 so my Darlington days ranged from around 1973 until 1976. They were fun times. We were all weekend hippies. We worked responsible office jobs during the day, and then donned our maxi skirts at weekends.

Its 2011 now and my hippie days are over, but I am looking forward to returning to Darlington, and remembering days gone by.

I want to find good pub where I can have a couple of drinks before getting some fish and chips in Post House Wynd and then along High Row eating them and remember how much fun I had back in the seventies.

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