Grandma’s house – Sheila’s Story.

Butterknowle - where Grandma lived

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What I remember surprises me. The first house I remember my Grandma living in was in a place called Lands, it was a big house with a lot of steps going up to the front door. My Grandfather died long before I was born, so I only remember my Grandma in that big old house. She used to beat rugs on a line in the back garden. I am really old if I remember a time before vacuum cleaners.

My Grandma moved, under much protest, to a little bungalow in Butterknowle. It only had one bedroom, a small living and dining area and a small kitchen. There was a pretty front garden, and in the back garden, as in all houses back then, there was a coal bunker.

My Grandma had white hair, used to take her teeth out and pull funny faces. She talked like a true Geordie. She was funny. Of course I never knew her when she was young. The Alice Hobson I knew was always a Grandma. She had piercing blue eyes and was as sharp as a pin.

My Mam and I didn’t stay with Uncle Billie for long. We couldn’t because we  just didn’t feel welcome and their son Julian, terrorized us. He was an Evil little boy. I think Uncle Billie knew he was bad, but my Aunt thought he was an Angel. I think the last straw was when he took me out in the back yard and dropped a firecracker in a milk bottle. He ran, but I didn’t and I ended up in casualty  to have the glass removed from my arms. A firecracker exploding in a bottle will do that.

Anyone following my story will wonder how I ever survived.

Anyone following my story, that knows me personally, will understand why I am the way I am.

We moved to Butterknowle after when we couldn’t bear living with my Evil cousin Julian anymore. I moved in with my Grandma, sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. There wasn’t room for my Mam to sleep there with me, so she would put my to bed every night, kiss me and then walk up the road to my Aunty Nora’s house. Aunty Nora had a posh house in upper Butterknowle. She didn’t want me staying there because I was a kid and I may mess the place up. Aunty Nora came to a sticky end, but that’s another story.

Staying on an air mattress on the floor was much better than being subjected to the torment of my nasty cousin, much better. My Grandma made me laugh too. She thought every man who spoke to her wanted to woo her and would send the off with a flea in their ear. I laughed a lot the short time I stayed with Alice Hobson.

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