Victor’s Revenge

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Victor’s Revenge, is my favorite title so far for the story I am currently posting on my blog. It is longer than my usual novella, and not finished yet. I am in the process of re-reading and editing this story, which I hope to launch as an e-book and paperback in the fall. If you read my last chapter, you will remember Sheila was being terrorized by a nasty Russian. A man who smelled as bad as he looked. 

Enjoy my next Installment.

Was this Viktor? Had he somehow found out that I had helped Anna escape? Was he looking for revenge? I hoped she had made her way safely to Stuttgart. Viktor must never find out where she was. I was worried because I knew there had been letters from her aunt, what if he had kept them? He could easily follow her there if he wanted to. I had to pull myself together and stop my imagination from running riot.

I drove my bosses new Volvo

I opened both of the front windows, and the sunroof to let some air circulate through the interior of the car. It was muggy and the car had an awful smell now. ‘Eau de Cossack’, I thought and laughed quietly, nearing hysteria. The smell had definitely seeped in from my visitor. It was a stale nasty smell, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but it wasn’t good. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue working, I was a mess.

As I pulled up at my first stopping place for the morning, it started to drizzle. This normally would not be a problem because I would be serving tea and coffee from my nice warm van, this morning I had to open the back of the Volvo and stand there to serve my customers.  If I had any customers that is! There was no one in sight. All I wanted to do was close the back of the Volvo and drive away. I was miserable and scared. I realized my regulars would be looking for a yellow van, not a brown Volvo, so I tooted my horn a couple of times and was just about to drive away when a solitary figure came running in my direction, but instead of coming to the back of the van to select his morning snack, he opened the door and  jumped into the passenger seat.

“Come on love, it’s too nasty to stand outside, lets drive into that building over there”.

I followed his directions and pulled into one of the big REME garages.  This was better as well as being out of the rain, the place was bustling with activity and I felt connected with the world again, blocking out the vision of the evil looking man that had manifest itself in my brain for a while. Everyone helped themselves to my sandwiches and doughnuts; and while they did I stood and watched the guys at the back of the garage, who were already painting my van and covering the crude comments that had been scrawled all over. At least something positive was happening. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Evil Cossack had been the graffiti artist. Should I mention this to someone?  I was hesitant to do so, just in case he was one of those visitors that only I could see. I don’t mean I had ‘invisible friends’ (although I had plenty of those when I was a kid) I mean was he one of my visitors from the other side? I doubted it though because as far as I knew Viktor, if that’s who it was, was very much alive. I didn’t need to make any more stops that morning because I had nothing more to sell. I had sold my limited stock all in one place. I felt a little better as I headed back to base.  I was a little uncomfortable as I drove back onto camp, I felt like the ugly smelly Cossack was going to jump out on me again.


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