Sheila’s Story – The Family Doctor!

Dr. Findlay's Casebook

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I think exhaustion put Sheila to sleep that night, exhaustion with the help of some brandy and hot milk prescribed by her Uncle Billie. Brandy was his answer to everything, and funnily enough, it worked. Everyone got a good nights sleep. It was probably just as well because no one got much sleep the following night. Sheila’s foot was swollen and hurt really badly. Her mam was very worried and Uncle Billie called his local Doctor. This doctor made house visits, and was a friend of the family. He stopped by that afternoon, after his surgery had finished. He was a nice old gentleman and  that Sheila remembered him for a long time.

In the late sixties there was a TV program called Dr. Findlay’s Casebook, which everyone loved. Dr. Cameron, the older Dr. on this show, reminded Sheila of the Dr. who came to visit her that day. He had a Scottish accent and was very sympathetic. Sheila had been crying all day, and the pain in the foot had given her a nasty headache and a fever. She was a mess and had whimpered all day long. Even her nasty cousin stayed away from her.

The Doctor’s name was Dr. Neville and Sheila saw him again years later, when he helped her tremendously, in fact he changed her life.

On this particular afternoon Dr. Neville did help Sheila, although it didn’t feel like it at the time. He poked at the bottom of her foot with a scalpel. Both her mam and her Uncle Bille had to hold her down. Her Aunt and Cousin were in the other room, occasionally one of them would shout “shut that kid up” or “Can we get some bloody peace and quiet”, not much sympathy coming from them.

The good Dr. took hold of Sheila’s hand and said “My child, this is going to hurt for a few hours, but after that, it will be over. This damn thing has long roots”.

Sheila whimpered again. Was something growing in her foot?

The Dr. took a solution and put a couple of drops in a little hole he had made in her foot with his scalpel. He held her foot up and then bound it tight to keep the solution in there. At first it felt cold and then it burned. She wanted to pull the dressing off and put her foot in cold water, but she knew she must not.

That night was awful, nothing could ease the pain of intense burning in the ball of her foot. Sheila cried for most of the night, she kept the whole house awake.

Then magically she opened her eyes and the sun was shining. She had slept and now she was awake, the pain was gone.

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