The Great Escape!

Its been an exciting day for me as I got my ‘proof’ of ‘Guy at the Bar’ to review. I will read this over the weekend and then, once I am convinced it is ready for general consumption, I will order copies. It seems in this world of e-books, some people still enjoy reading a paperback.

This is so exciting as it means I can take this book back to England, and to the King William IV, which is where the story started.

If you are reading my ‘German Ghost Story’ please read on. The next installment is below. I will release the full story at the end of the year.

The Story Continues

The drive to the train station was uneventful. Anna didn’t seem nervous anymore, just tired, very tired. I could see Ken driving behind in his Toyota, which made me feel safe. When we got to the station I parked my car and told Anna I would walk her to the train. She got a ticket and when we got the platform the train was already there, not a direct train, she had to change in Frankfurt I think, but at least she would be on her way within the next five minutes or so.

We drove to the train station

Wow, as simple as that in the end, no fighting off the Evil Cossack, no running and hiding. We didn’t have much to say as we stood on the platform, I gave Anna my address, but she didn’t give me hers.  That was OK though, she probably wanted to forget this part of her life. I asked her to get in touch and let me know she was OK and she said she would. As the guard started slamming the train doors, in preparation for departure, Anna hugged me tightly and got on the train. I waved until she was out of sight.

I waved until Anna was out of sight

When I walked back out of the station Ken had left and Les was sitting waiting for me in our little datsun. He was in the driver seat, and I was glad, because although this felt like and anti climax, it had left me exhausted. We drove home in virtual silence, and got ready for bed without saying much at all.  Les hugged me tight when got into bed and told me I had done a good thing, but had taken a huge risk, it could have turned out badly.  He did say he was glad I helped as she looked like she may not have survived much longer.

Anna was a little over twenty, but was so thin and small she could have passed for a twelve-year-old. I was glad I was married to Les, he wasn’t the most affectionate man in the world, and put football before anything else, but I loved him and I was glad we were together. I slept like a log that night, a deep dreamless sleep.

My first words the following morning were, “No more Evil Cossacks, hurray”. Les laughed “Evil Cossacks?” he asked and then added “you make everything so dramatic”

To purchase other ‘Girl on the Beach’ as a paperback, please go to my website, or click on one of the links below to purchase the e-book.

Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)


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