Escape the Evil Cossack!


I helped Anna escape.


I actually managed to find time to write more of my 1982 German Ghost Story today. The words flowed and I think I will get this finished pretty soon.  I am actually on page 55, not sure how that interprets into book pages.

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Girl on the Beach (UK)

I have attached picture of Borzigplatz in Germany. Anna and Sheila met in a Balkan restaurant here under the watchful eye of Sheila’s husband and good friend Ken.


I walked into the restaurant and the waiter recognized me right away and showed me to the table at the back again. I was sitting facing Ken and Les, but didn’t acknowledge them. I felt safer seeing them there because I knew that even if the cruel Viktor did show up, they could handle him, they were two big strong black guys.

I seemed to be waiting for a long time and saw Ken looking at his watch and wondering if my friend was going to show up.  Anna  walked  past the restaurant twice without entering.  She wasn’t looking inside, but was looking up and down the road. Maybe she thought she was being followed.

At last she opened the door and came inside, still looking scared, but not as scared as she had looked the previous evening. I saw what looked like a cut on her arm, but when she saw me looking, she pulled her sleeve down to cover it up.  Anna kept her coat on, but it fell open during our meal and I saw blood on her dress. I was alarmed, but she told me not to worry, it was from the cut on her arm, which she now showed me.  It wasn’t too bad, but looked like a sharp blade had been pulled across her skin. It wasn’t deep but I shuddered. I was glad she had made the decision to get away from this man.

The waiter immediately brought us two beers and I ordered bread and salad. Anna looked at me and told me she was not going back to Viktor, she opened her purse and showed me her ausweis which she had managed to get back from him. I guessed this had something to do with the gash on her arm and I squeezed her hand and smiled at her.  She smiled back at me looking more tired than scared now. She wasn’t trembling anymore. She looked like she had accomplished something and indeed she had because she had made her first step towards freedom. We ate, drank and talked about what we were going to do next. She said she was going to get on a train to Stuttgart and with the forty deutsche marks I had given to her the previous night; she had enough for train fare. I opened my purse and gave her the money I had taken out of my bank account.

She shook her head. “Nein, das ist sehr many” she said broken English and German. I insisted.

She cried a little. “You are the only one who is good to me since mine muter died”

She made me cry a little too. We finished our food and sat in silence for a while and then I told Anna I would take her to the train station.

I paid for our meal, and left the waiter a big tip for which he was grateful, but even more grateful that I had helped Anna and gave her a big hug as she left. She cried again, I don’t think she had been shown kindness for a long time.



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