2010 – Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks!

This old dog is learning fast!


Our new company

For those of you following my humble blog, you will know I have been struggling to keep up with my writing. When I look back over the last year, it’s not hard to understand why.

In April our new company was launched, and consumed every waking moment. The job kept my husband busy long into the night. He had a reputation to maintain.

I then had to struggle with bookkeeping, expense reports, tax issues etc. etc. (and this is in my spare time)

Then there was the learning curve of how to market, edit, become part of the social media buzz and pitch my book. All of this didn’t  time leave me much time to write, and for a while I became very frustrated. After all, writing is what I love!

Somehow during all of this chaos I had to find time to maintain a house and garden, as well as my full-time job! No I am not asking for sympathy (wouldn’t refuse it if it was offered though).

We had a wonderful trip to Italy, which I shared with you on my travel blog. Whats new?

I am a published author (click on the links below to purchase). I have another book about to be published and within the next couple of months, I will have a free eBook for your reading pleasure.

I feel like I am rolling a stone uphill right now,  but eventually I will reach the summit and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Girl on the Beach (US)

Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

You can also purchase this book directly from my blog!   Words From Beyond

I also have my own Facebook page,

http://on.fb.me/h1o5ra (Words From Beyond).  31 people like my page, check it out and become #32.

Follow me on Twitter too!  http://twitter.com/#!/ColoradoBrit

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