Franktown Fire – a tribute to Firefighters


A tribute to the brave fire fighters


I sat at work today and watched in horror as the news unfolded before me.  The trees and grass in my community and surrounding communities burned to the ground. The sky turned dark grey.

I could see the smoke from where I work, which is twenty miles away.

A fire quickly spread from 50 acres to 1000 acres. I thought for sure homes would be burned to the ground, including ours.

I watched the news streaming live on my computer. Firefighters were running into harms way to fight the flames. helicopters carried water from nearby lakes and dropped them on the hungry flames.

As I drove home I was touched by the constant ringing of my cell phone, and the offers of a roof over our heads if the worst thing happened and our home was burned down.

I felt like I was in some sort of dream, and I was just watching all of this happen to someone else.

As I got nearer to Franktown, cars were parked all the way along the road, moved away from the garages in which they usually resided. A car could become a lethal weapon if it was engulfed in flames. They needed to be away from homes and people.

Police cars were blocking the road to my house. I had to stop and talk to the cops who were blocking my way. They were taken aback by my British accent and extremely courteous. I told them my address so they let me past and wished me luck!

It was alarming for a while, as the helicopters flew overhead, close and loud.

Now it is just after eight o clock and the fire is mostly contained, I can relax in my house, my home.

Thank you firefighters, my home is safe because of you, I am safe because of you. You risk your lives on a regular basis for other people.  Thank you.




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