PARANOID! – German Ghost Story

Continuing with German Ghost Story

In the last chapter Sheila was on her way home from work with Les. Traffic was backed up for a while due to an accident of some sort. As they waited Sheila saw a body being loaded into an ambulance and worried it was Anna. When she saw a thick hairy arm dangling from the body, she knew it wasn’t and was relieved.

Getting Paranoid!!!!!!

We weren’t held up there long, but I watched curiously, as people do when there are police and ambulances involved.

The police were talking to a little worried looking guy at the side of the road, but no-one else was there, no drama, no handcuffs, it seemed like someone had died and life went on.

By the time we got home, it was almost time to leave again. Les quickly changed out of his Army uniform and put on some jeans. I just touched up my make-up. (Put my face on as my mum used to say).

Ken picked Les up because I didn’t want there to be any chance of Anna seeing us arrive together, I wanted to help her, not scare her away. I had two hundred deutsche marks stuffed in my handbag. It was more than I could afford, but I would have given her more if I had it. Hopefully it would be enough to pay for her train ticket to Stuttgart if she decided to go.

I watched Les and Ken pull away.

I watched the street for a while to make sure no one was out there, and then I left for the restaurant. I was becoming paranoid, but Anna was so scared of this man he had to be dangerous.

Paranoia was taking over

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