Thank God I’m a Country Boy

Before I continue with my Chuck Story……and there is a lot to tell, I want to share with you some early memories of Colorado. Memories that stick in my mind.

One of the first is the first ‘Colorado Rockies‘ game we attended. It was a cold April day, it snowed and rained, but we were given free tickets to a Rockies Game. When we first moved here anything free was snapped up. Back then only Lester was working and money was TIGHT.


Snow and Baseball


It snowed as we drove to the game, and then the sun came out, so we went and found our seats at ‘Coors Field‘. The play started and Joanna and I were mesmerised. Lester, not so much!

He sat and watched until the snow started falling, then found shelter,  trying to keep warm. Joanna and I knew we wouldn’t get to see the full game, but we sat there, freezing, but enjoying every minute of it until the inevitable happened. Lester, dusted with snow and just about as fed up and mad as he could get, came down and gave us an ultimatum. He felt the cold more than us, and boy he was cold.  Joanna and I reluctantly left our seats and followed him out of the stadium…but we were hooked.

It was much later that we went to an Avalanche Game at the old Ice McNichols Ice Arena. I really didn’t feel safe on those scary wobbly seats, but the game was worth it.  Again we were lucky enough to be given free tickets, and we used them. Thank you Mark Cooper, you took us to this game.

I felt like I was watching some crazy fast ‘Pin Ball’ machine as that puck flew across the ice.

It was hard to keep it within my sight, but I loved every minute of it, and I am still hooked on Ice Hockey.

‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’ being played at an Avalanche Game was almost as important as the ‘Star Spangled Banner‘ at the beginning. Of course now I miss the days of Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy, but I can not hear ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’ without thinking about the Avalanche.  Good Times.



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