German Ghost Story – Who Died?


German Ambulance


Back in time for installment 20 of my German Ghost Story. I need to write more quickly as my blog is catching up with the story.

Sheila is getting ready to meet Anna, and hopefully help her escape from her evil Russian captor. On the way home they are delayed by an ambulance being loaded up with a dead body…..please don’t let it be Anna!

The day was very uneventful and I could hardly wait for Les to pick me up from work. We chatted on the way home and he told me Ken was going to meet him at the Balkan Restaurant at six o clock, I had planned to meet Anna there at six thirty. I honestly didn’t think she would show, I thought she would be unable to get away, or worse.

It took us a long time to get home, there was a traffic jam on the road we took between Dortmund and Borsigplatz. The Police had the road partially blocked to allow an ambulance to park outside one of the larger apartment buildings. We had to take our turn and allow oncoming traffic through, as only one lane was open. We were unlucky enough to be right next to the ambulance when they brought a stretcher out of the building.

There was a body on the stretcher. We knew it was a body as it was covered from head to toe with a blanket.  For one awful moment I worried that it was Anna because I knew she lived somewhere around here, but the shape under the blanket was too big to be her.  A thick hairy arm fell out from under the blanket, where it continued to dangle as they loaded the stretcher into the back of the ambulance. I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t want anyone dead, but was worried Anna had murdered by the Evil Viktor.

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