German Ghost Story Continues

I am certainly having some busy crazy times right now. I am editing my ‘Flat Country Snow’ story, which I still enjoy after reading many times. I am marketing, putting a plan together for my trip to England, getting ready for my book signing party, my trip to Oregon….as well as my trip to the mountains this weekend to snowboard.

I haven’t lost sight of what is important though, and my ‘German Ghost Story’ is very important. It will be my longest book so far, and very close to my heart because despite some tough time I had there, it was a period of fun and excitement. I did enjoy the eighties, with Michael Jackson, Kool and the Gang, Luther Vandross, crazy hairstyles, leg warmers, Jane Fonda fitness videos……I could go on, but instead, I will continue with my German Ghost Story….enjoy!

I picked up half a rotisserie chicken for Les on the way home and put it in the oven. He got back just a few minutes after me, and while he ate, I drank a glass of wine, quietly going over the events of this evening in my head. I usually wasn’t so quiet and I think Les wondered what was going on and then he remembered the incident with the cat and asked me about it. Maybe he thought I was plucking up courage to tell him I had the cat hidden away in another room because he knew I loved cats and was always pestering him to get one. He wasn’t a big animal fan! I laughed, remembering the whole incident with the cat from the previous evening, but then got more serious and I told him my story from start to finish.

I told him about my encounter with Anna in the park, how I kept seeing the guy in the shadows who looked like an Evil Cossack. I told him I had run into Anna again whilst shopping tonight, and I had planned to meet her again the following night to see how I could help. He shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes at me.

“How come you always find these people? How do you know they aren’t a couple of con artists just trying to get money from you?”

I told Les that Anna couldn’t fake the bruises around her neck, or her eyes and swollen lip. I told him about how terrified she was.

“Ok, if you are planning to meet her tomorrow night, you can’t go alone, I will come with you” he said.

I told him that wouldn’t work because it may scare her away. We agreed that he would sit at another table in the restaurant and he would go there before me, in fact he would take Ken with him in case things did turn ugly. I liked the idea of them going along to the restaurant to keep watch. My plan was to give Anna money and drop her at the train station, or the airport, anywhere that meant she could get away from the cruelty she had been enduring for the last five years.

I didn’t see any sign of the menacing man on Wednesday, not in the street, or lingering on any of the army camps on my delivery route, maybe my imagination had been running riot and I was dwelling on him so much I was bringing him to life.  I know I was really pleased that he hadn’t showed up.


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