Chuck sells us a New Home!

I am sitting here in the customer lounge at the Toyota Dealership! Don’t  you just hate dealing with oil changes and car maintenance? However, it made me remember the next part of our home purchase with our new-found friend and savior, Chuck!


Castlewood Canyon near Parker


Settling in Colorado – the Story Continues

When we returned to the sales office Lester and Chuck talked while Joanna and I enjoyed our cold drinks and chatted to Chuck’s assistant. I say Lester and Chuck talked.  What was really happening was Chuck was talking and Lester was listening and nodding his head. It was pretty funny to watch. Chuck was very animated and talking very fast, arms moving, face full of expression, and Lester just kept nodding his head.

My thoughts wandered elsewhere, thinking how nice it would be to own our own home here in Colorado, I didn’t hold out much hope of it happening though. I snapped back into reality when tapped me on the shoulder.  Come on, we are going to look at some land. Joanna jumped up and was skipping around full of energy (or caffeine from the cold pepsi), we jumped into the back of Chuck’s car and drove a very short distance, a few hundred feet in fact. Our short journey took us through this new neighborhood where some homes were already built and some were in the process of being built. Chuck told us about the owners of those homes (all of which he had sold), and the local schools, kids in the area etc. etc. he was a mine of information, and I felt myself warming to him.

We pulled up at the side of the road and next to a big hole in the ground. Chuck told us this lot was available and ready for construction and if construction started now, we would have a home before Christmas. It was in a nice position, high up and looking across the top of the houses it backed on to, but Lester didn’t like this spot too much, he wanted a Cul de sac with no through traffic.

We walked across the road to another open space, but this time there was a BIG hole in the middle of it. Chuck told us this lot was actually sold, but he had a feeling the sale may fall through. I could tell Lester liked this piece of land, it was a corner lot and much bigger. It was higher up too, so the view was nice.

“Chuck, supposing this became available, how would we proceed?” he asked.

“Well you would to put down a deposit before the construction could start. It would take a long time to check your credit history because you guys haven’t live in the US for very long, but I am sure we could work it out, I use some very good people”.

They walked a little distance ahead of Joanna and I, but I did hear Lester ask how much deposit was required, I didn’t hear the amount but, I heard Lester say “HOW MUCH?” and laughed, but felt sad at the same time, I was guessing we couldn’t afford the deposit!

“We can’t get our hands on that sort of money right now” Lester said “and we don’t have any collateral”

Chuck looked at Lester and said, “Do you own the Subaru Legacy?”

“Yes, we bought it cash” Lester replied

“Then you have your collateral!”

Joanna and I looked at each other, we really liked Chuck!


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