Starved and Abused – German Ghost Story


German ID


This is a mock-up of the German ID, the one Anna would have had would have her name photo on it. You could not go anywhere without it.



He had taken her ausweis, (German ID) which made it difficult for her to get away from him. She said he beat her and forced her to have sex with him, one night when he was drunk and his brother was staying, he forced her to have sex with his brother too. She was still only twenty.

Pretty soon I was crying too, but I was angry, very angry that any woman could be treated this way. I found it hard to understand why she had not escaped when he was drunk, and gone to the police, but unless you were in that situation, it was hard to make judgments.

She must have been an emotional wreck when her parents died, and she had only been fifteen. When the food came, despite being so upset, Anna ate like it was her first meal in weeks.

The waiter who brought our food, watched her, he looked sad too. I am guessing he had been listening to our conversation because when she left the table to go to the bathroom he came and spoke to me. “Please Fraulein, no pay for this food. It is my pleasure to give to you. Please give money instead to this Frau, help her go away from here.” I was touched. We had eaten there often and this man was familiar with both Les and myself, but I had never seen this side of him.

We sat a while after we finished eating. Anna had stopped crying, and didn’t have much to say. With the help of the waiter, who translated her German to English and my English to German, I asked her if she had any other family, and she said she had an Aunt in Stuttgart. She said the Aunt had written to her, but she never got chance to read the letters as Viktor would show her the envelopes and then tear them up.  She had only escaped tonight because he had fallen asleep in a drunken stupor and left the door keys on the floor by the chair. She wanted to get back before he woke up. I begged her not to go back, but she said she must. She wouldn’t give me a reason, just told me that she had things to do before she left. I told her that I would wait for her here, in this restaurant the following night and I would help her get away from Viktor. She looked at me doubtfully, but agreed.

I took forty deutsche marks from my purse and pressed them in her hand. We walked out to my car and I opened the door for her to get in. She declined and walked purposefully down the road. We were only about a half mile from Borsigplatz and I think she was being careful not to involve anyone else with this terrifying man

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