Bickering Politicians!


Aren’t you tired of these bickering politicians? For goodness sake, the hot air that has been expelled in bickering could have heated a city during sub-zero temperatures.

I have to say, in the past, I have supported the Republicans. I do say in the past because since 2000, they brought this great country almost to its knees.

I don’t argue or debate politics because I don’t know that much about it, but what I see from the ‘birds eye view’ just disgusts me. Obama is currently our President, and I do like him. He is smart and logical and I think he is doing and excellent job, but could do much better if he didn’t have to put up with the constant bickering and battling that is thrown at him by the unruly, badly behaved Republican Party.  This display of bad manners and rudeness has shown me the Republicans in their true colors and they will never, ever get my vote again……this is coming from someone who voted conservative in England all of her life, and then was a staunch Republican here,

For heavens sake, keep religion out of politics, stop being bad losers and help this country be great again if you ever want to win back the respect and loyalty of those who once voted for you!


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