Chuck saves the Day!


First School House in Parker


One of the reasons we liked Parker back in 1995, is because it was a small  quiet town. There was lots of open space with bike paths and walking trails.  No apartment buildings stood in Parker back then, and many of the original buildings such a schools and churches, were well cared for and still standing. There was a big red barn on the side of the road just as you turned into country meadows, with people learning to ride horses in the arena in front of it. The whole area was charming.

We were taking all of these factors into consideration as we shook hands with Chuck and followed him back into the sales office, which was a kind of glorified trailer made into offices.

Chuck introduced us to his assistant, whose name I can’t remember, but I believe she was related to him. I was tired, hot and dehydrated. It was taking me a long time to get used to the dryness of Colorado that particular day I felt really dehydrated. Chuck’s assistant gave us all an ice-cold can of soda, which helped.

We listened to Chuck talk for a while, and then I asked him if we found a lot we liked, would they hold it for us as we hadn’t worked out finances yet, being new to the country and having no real credit history. Another larger home builder had said they would do that for us. Chuck shook his head and told us that they couldn’t do that. You had to put down a certain amount of money and then they would proceed with the build. WRONG ANSWER!

I am not sure if it was the heat, the dryness, or if I was just very tired, but for some reason I was grumpy.

“The last home builder we spoke to said they would, so we will go back to them” I said, and walked out.

I have to tell you, I didn’t even like the sales guy in the previous sales office, but I think I was just giving up, tired of having no credit history and tired of looking at homes we couldn’t buy. As I walked out I saw Chuck and Lester exchange glances and then Lester got in the car and we drove down away. No one spoke, but I had a feeling both Jo and my husband were mad at me.

We continued south on Parker Road for a couple of miles, and then at the next traffic lights, Lester did a sharp U-turn! I thought I must have made him really mad and we were going home.  We came to the road where the Sales Office was located, and Lester turned left.  I could see Joanna’s reflection in the rear view mirror.  She was looking at me with a big question mark on her face.

“Lester why are we going back down here?” I asked

“I have a feeling about this guy Chuck, he said some things that interested me, I think he can sell us a house”

We pulled up outside the sales office again, and Chuck came out to greet us again. He had a big smile on our face.  As you will find out in my next update, he did in fact save the day!

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