E-book sales are up!

Kindle taking over from the paperback, says Amazon UK!

E-book sales will overtake those of physical books on Amazon.co.uk, its managing director predicted today.

“I’m not forecasting exactly when,” said Christopher North. “But e-books are now outselling paperbacks by 15% in the US and we fully expect that trend to be replicated in this country.

“We only launched our Kindle book reader six months ago in the UK whereas it has been in the US for three years.”

Amazon will not reveal actual numbers, but the Kindle reader was its best-selling product in the UK last year and worldwide total sales have now overtaken the finalHarry Potter book to become its all-time top seller.

Despite the snow and ice before Christmas North said “99% of orders were delivered on time”.

Amazon’s global net income for the fourth quarter beat expectations, hitting $416 million
(£262 million), or 91 cents per share, while analysts expected 88 cents per share.

In the same period last year, Amazon earned $384 million, or 85 cents per share.

But analysts were expecting an even bigger jump in revenue than the 36% rise to $12.95 billion which Amazon reported.

The shares, which ran up ahead of the results, fell 9% after they were published.

Girl on the Beach/Amazon

Girl on the Beach/Amazon UK


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