Biker Bar!


2 wheels, 4 wheels, no wheels, come on in

My Local


It has been a crazy weekend, but I did find a little time to relax in my local Biker Bar.

I was in a great Class on Saturday called ‘Red Hot Internet Marketing’. I learned a lot, which hopefully will help me market and sell my books (without being annoying). It is very hard to find the balance between marketing and overkill!

Once the class was over it was time to kick back and enjoy myself with friends, and where better to do this than in my local bar.

In the summer there are dozens of shiny, well cared for Harley’s standing outside this well loved Biker Bar, but on a chilly January night, there were only a couple.

I love places like this and I hope they never disappear. A glass of wine, a basket of fish and chips and the company of some good friends. It’s what life is all about!

It’s now Sunday afternoon and I have to admit I am tired, but have achieved a lot this weekend. I think my next post will have to be another chapter from my German Ghost story. I need to finish this soon!  Cheers!



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