And then we met Chuck!

Parker in 1995

When we first moved into our apartment in Englewood, we thought we would stay there forever. It was a lovely new two bedroom two bathroom apartment on the top floor. There was a swimming pool, hot tub, club house and tennis courts. We were surrounded by lovely landscaping, and backed onto parklands. We were happy for a while. Then the apartment seemed to shrink. As we acquired bikes, and had to carry them up to the third floor, we started to rethink the whole apartment living process.

In Summer of 1995 we started looking at houses. At first it was Joanna and I driving around looking at places. We looked close to where we lived, but the houses were so incredibly expensive, way out of our price range with only Lester working.

We started to look a little further afield, and ended up in Parker, which at the time (to us newcomers) seemed an incredibly long drive. We made the drive a couple of times though and looked around many ‘open houses’. Joanna and I got very excited about the idea of finding a house and caught Lester up in that excitement.

I think it was late June or early July when Lester came with us on that first trip to Parker. We looked around ‘Cottonwood’ first, Joanna would hop out of the car and pick up the brochures outside houses that were for sale. One one occasion, she was chased by a rather nasty dog, I have never seen her run so fast. Lester, being the ‘hero dad’ did some nifty driving (with the passenger side door open) and caught up with her so she could jump in and escape being bitten. We didn’t move to Cottonwood, the whole dog incident left a bad taste in our mouths.

We drove south on Parker Road (highway 83) until we came to an area where some new houses were being built in an older community, and made a right turn in the direction of the sales office. Lester parked the car (we still had the brown Subaru legacy) outside the sales office and we got out. It was a lovely area, right on the Cherry Creek trail.

The door of the sales office opened and out walked a sharply dressed young guy with a friendly welcoming face…..”Hi, my name is Chuck” he said “Welcome to Country Meadows”

Our life in America changed in many ways after that day. Watch out for my next posting to see how things turned out.

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