Not me, but wish it was!

I had a lovely weekend at Vail, but I sulked a little bit because I was jealous of all of the snowboarders riding down the mountain. I wished I was one of them.

I had planned to stop snowboarding to help preserve my brittle bones, but honestly, whats the point of going to the mountains if you don’t go up the mountain?

I tried to act my age, but it didn’t work, I have a few good years left in me yet. Now I need to go and find a nice light  flexible, smaller snowboard as I am told that will suit me better.

I don’t want to race down the mountain at twice the speed of sound, but would like to come down at a more leisurely pace, and stop to socialize and take photos on the way down. That way I can snowboard and live to talk about it.

Read and learn, you are NEVER too old to do what you want to do!

I have taken a few days off from writing and it was all about ‘ME’. Back with another installment of my ‘ American Tale’ tomorrow!


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