Scary Cat! Chapter 15 – German Ghost Story


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Wow, its 2011 already. So much happening. You need to check my Facebook page to keep up with my writing career, its hard for me to keep up myself. Below is another installment of my German Ghost Story. Hopefully I will get this finished soon. Enjoy!

Chapter 15

I lay in bed, not feeling the least bit like sleeping. I was the world’s WORST sleeper. It fascinated me that people could lie down in bed, shut their eyes and go straight to sleep.  How did that happen? The longer I lay there, the less I felt like sleeping. It was like having several televisions in my head, all on a different channel. I lay there for a while with different images flashing though my head. One image kept coming back to haunt me, it was the bruise around the eye of the girl I met in the park.  I had not had much chance to think about Anna since yesterday because I had been preoccupied with work, rushing home to watch football and getting dinner ready for our guests, but now as I lay awake, I wondered if she was OK. I also wondered if the stranger that kept appearing in the shadows was the same man who had been yelling at her in the park. I hadn’t had a good look at him a he was always just beyond my field of vision. He somehow had a threatening aura around him, or was it my over active imagination making him seem that way? Maybe I was imagining the whole thing. Maybe it was one of the visitors I occasionally had. Who knew?


I heard a noise that sounded like it came from outside our door.  I looked across at Les, who was fast asleep of course.  I got out of bed and put on my dressing gown.  I groped around in the dark for my can of hairspray and picked it up.  I didn’t put any lights on and crept quietly to the door.  I looked out of the little peep-hole, but could see nothing. It was silent again. Well not quite, I could hear something that might have been someone breathing heavily.  I put the chain on the door, and opened it a crack. I could see nothing, but something was definitely out there.  OK, be brave!

I opened the door, and as something brushed against me I screamed and tossed the can of hairspray as hard as I could (this hairspray was a weapon which should have been sprayed in and assailant’s eyes, not thrown at them). Of course the can hit the stairs about one floor down and bounced noisily all the way to the bottom.  Now Les did wake up and the light went on in the bedroom. What happened next was funny, it was really funny.  It was a cat that had brushed past my legs and into the bedroom, where it stood on the end of our bed, claws extended, fur standing on end, hissing at Les, who had backed (naked) against the wall with a pillow protecting his unmentionables.  He really didn’t see the funny side of it, and didn’t understand how a cat had found its way into our apartment in the first place.  The cat, seeing the door still open, fled.  Les just glared at me and got back into bed.  I have to admit, I was still laughing (quietly inside) when I got back into bed.

I did manage to get to sleep after this, and with a big smile on my face!
























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