Just like the movies?

2002 Ford Mustang GT. Author created photo. Re...

Mustang GT


Summer on Sixteenth Streeet


Everything was new and exciting during our first six months in Colorado. As the weather got warmer, I was able to use the swimming pool and was soon a very dark brown. I made one or two friends, but mostly read and enjoyed the sunshine. I knew I would get bored eventually and, of course, I did. Joanna was at school and Lester at work! I knew I couldn’t get paid to work because I didn’t have a work visa, but that shouldn’t stop me from doing voluntary work right???? WRONG! I offered my services to a daycare, a new business that helped new mum’s cope with motherhood and a charity. Everyone loved the though of hiring me, but then treated me like some sort of threat after talking to their insurance companies. I felt like an alien all over again.

I did make a friend at the pool, she was about the same age as me and married with a couple of kids. She took me under her wing for a while and showed me around. When school finished for Summer we would pile in her car and to fun places like Water World. We had a blast at the water park, until we all had to take cover from one of the early summer hail storms that I was still getting used to. I saw my first funnel cloud when I was at Water World.

One Saturday evening my friend and her husband took Lester, Joanna and I for a night out in downtown Denver. They had dumped their kids with someone for the night and expected us to do the same with Joanna. They had not yet learned that where we went, Joanna went. All five of us squeezed into their Mustang GT and drove downtown. It was actually quite exciting. It was a warm summer night, and we sat outside a  brew pub, enjoying the atmosphere. I felt like I was on vacation, even though we had lived in the US for six months or so.

For the first time, I saw steam rising from the drains, just like in the movies!

I have fond memories of all the people we met when we first moved to the US. I didn’t appreciate at the time what a great help they were to me. I hope some of them may be reading my blog, even if their names are not mentioned, they will know who they are.



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