Chicken, Rice & Peas….and of course FOOTBALL!

Curry chicken, rice & peas and football

Looks good doesn’t it. If you want to give it a try, click on the link above and follow the recipe.


Its been a while since I updated you on my antics in Germany, so today the story continues.

My premonitions had given me a break since we moved to Germany. I thought maybe the powers that sent them to me hadn’t been able to cross the English Channel and it had actually been a bit of a relief.  I only got these dreams/visitations/premonitions once or twice a year, but they could be both alarming and exhausting.  I wasn’t in control of how things turned out when they happened and that scared me.  These events had started when I was very young, but they still alarmed me. During the next couple of years, whilst in Germany, it seemed like my premonitions went on ‘overdrive’, but I had only been there a couple of months at this point, and my psychic had been quiet.

The rest of the day was pretty normal! I was really looking forward to getting home and watching the football, Italy v. Brazil.  This would be interesting, Les and Graham would be cheering for Brazil, I was sure of it.  Julie didn’t really care as long as there was wine to be drunk and I would of course, be cheering for Italy, which I always felt was my home team.  I was hoping Les’s mood had improved, I was sure it would, football always made him happy, especially World Cup Football.  I worked in the gift shop for the rest of the afternoon, which was pretty quiet, making the day go slowly.  Eventually four o clock came and I left work, I was expecting to have to take the tram home, but when I walked off camp, Les was there waiting for me.

I got in the car and could tell immediately he was in a better mood. Les was extremely temperamental and it affected his moods and made life difficult for me at times.  I was an open book, never stopped talking, gave information without been asked, exactly the opposite of my quiet husband.  Opposites attract, I know, but sometimes for someone as open as me, it is really hard to keep quiet, which I often had to be. The tires on our little Datsun almost squealed as we pulled away, it was just after four o clock and we had a football match to watch at five fifteen.  It was about a half hours drive home from work, and hopefully we would make it just before the rush hour hit.  Les had told Graham and Julie to come around at around five o clock, just in time to settle down and watch the game.  I was getting excited already.  We hit a little traffic, but not enough to make us late. Our guests had actually pulled up just before us and were getting out of their car bearing gifts of wine and beer.  When we got upstairs, Les took care of making sure everyone had a drink, and I put the oven on.  I had prepared chicken, rice and peas already so, so all I needed to do was put the chicken in the oven to cook, and warm up the rice.  I quickly put a salad together, and set the table, before joining everyone in front of the television. Let the game begin!


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