Business Woman? Writer?

Hey, whatever the label, here I am, at the Hilton waiting for my Author U meeting and playing with my new toy, sorry it’s not a toy.

My husband calls my iPad a toy (can’t think why) everyone should have an iPad.

My new acquisition is a MacBook Air and it is the business. I am not here to promote Apple goods though, just making use of, and enjoying this serious laptop and feeling extremely important that my new role in life merits buying one.

I have not blogged either my German Ghost Story, my ‘Moving to America’ story, or given any updates on Sheila’s childhood. It has been a busy week.

We have contractors tearing out the heart of our house, busy busy times at work and by the time I relax, my mind is sucked dry. Don’t give up on me though, I am going to be coming back strong. Its going to be hard settling down to write during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in January, as well as launching my new book I will be re-launching ‘Guy at the Bar’

I am finding my pace and getting ready for a great New Year. My first official year as a writer.


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