Moving to America – Furniture at last!


Our furniture eventually arrived, and not before time. We had been sleeping on the floor for over two weeks. Since moving into our apartment we had bought a dining room table and chairs, a sofa and arm-chair, a television and one or two other small electrical items, shower curtains and accessories, but that was it.  Our apartment was still bare. It would have been nice to buy more, but as we had to pay for everything cash, how could we? No one wanted to give us credit, we were Aliens!

Lester went to work and Joanna went off to school and I waited excitedly for the moving company to arrive with my furniture. I almost hugged them when they turned up. I still remember their faces. An older guy with his younger side kick. I had a country station playing on the radio (Joanna’s ghetto blaster) and they complimented me on my choice of music. I had always been partial to a bit of country music.

They brought my boxes and furniture, I could hardly wait to put everything together, I was a moving expert, having done it so many time when Lester was still in the army. The moving guys were great too. They asked me to put the coffee on and I guiltily told them I couldn’t as I didn’t have a coffee machine yet. Wasn’t that awful?

They soon got the job done, and were extremely friendly and helpful. I wasn’t sure if you tipped moving guys, as I still hadn’t got used to the whole american tipping system yet. I tipped them anyway because I hadn’t been able to give them coffee.  I told them to go and buy themselves a cup.

The very first thing I did was put the bed together, a bed to sleep in at last, what a luxury! I started unpacking boxes, incredibly happy to have my possessions again. It had been over two months since I had packed these boxes, we had a very bare Christmas before we moved and then lived sparsely since arriving.  I felt like I had won the lottery!

To my surprise everything arrived in undamaged, apart form one little snow globe.  The water inside was frozen solid. There had indeed been a storm as they crossed the Atlantic. Still, it could have been worse. By the time Joanna arrived from school, I had most of the furniture in place, and our possessions unpacked and put away. She wandered around her room picking things up and touching things, glad to have her ‘stuff’ again.

By the time Lester came home, all that was left to put together, was Joanna’s bed. We all slept well that night!


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