Blackpool Hallucinations

Tram lit up for the Illuminations

I am trying to set the scene for my ‘Girl on the Beach’ story which is set in Blackpool.  Most people in England know of Blackpool, even if they have never visited. I live in Colorado and only a few people know where Blackpool is.   

Loved riding those trams

In the sixties, the wonderful lights at Blackpool were laughingly called ‘Blackpool Hallucinations’, not by me of course, I was too young to hallucinate in the sixties.

Despite the chilly weather and cold sea, Blackpool attracts lots of visitors. It is still loud, brash and delightful.
My story is set back in the sixties, and it was ‘the’ place to go for your summer holidays. Enjoy my photos, and watch out for my story ‘Girl on the Beach’, which I am hoping to release in January.
It all starts on Blackpool beach with a young girl in a green swimsuit lining up for an ice-cream!

Please can I have a Lime Split and a 99?

It was almost my turn to be served, and the two kids ahead of me skipped away with their ice cream cones. No chocolate in theirs. But I was getting a 99; it had chocolate in it, which would be hard and icy cold from being covered in ice cream. I could hardly wait.

            The old, Italian face (ice cream vans, of course, were always owned by Italians—if they were good ice cream vans that is) peered over the counter.

“Wadda ya want little girl?” he asked in his heavy Italian accent. As I looked up at him, I tried to speak, but couldn’t. I could feel something happening all around me; something was changing.

“A lime split and a 99 please”


Suddenly I felt like I had shrunk to the size of a pea. I didn’t feel real at all.


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