BEER FOR BREAKFAST – Walk in the park – Chapter 9

Beer at 7am - Hell no!

Wow, how time flies. I hope you are enjoying the snippets about Sheila, which I have been posting ‘in between’ the instalments of this story. The theory is you will get to know her a little better, and come to understand her, and her gift. Enjoy the next instalment of her German Adventure. 

Please take some time to listen to the music at the bottom of this post. It is Gregory Isaacs who died today at the young age of 59. If you didn’t know his music before, enjoy it now in his memory. Cancer stole him away too soon.


I did eventually manage to get to sleep, and the next thing I heard was the jingling of the early morning tram as the rush hour started.  I looked across at my clock, it was five thirty.  I didn’t usually hear the trams, but because of yesterday’s heat, I had left the windows open, and I was glad I had, the room had cooled down and felt much more comfortable.

I lay there for a few minutes, comfortably snuggled in bed, enjoying the early morning breeze blowing in through the open window. Eventually I stretched and then got out of bed and put the coffee on. Monday, another week lay ahead of me. My job was a lot of fun but, not a job to take seriously. I had made some good friends though, people I might not have met otherwise.   I jumped in the shower while the coffee brewed and enjoyed being pummeled with hot water, it woke me up.  I drank my coffee whilst still in my dressing gown and spiced up the chicken, ready for our meal that evening.

I wandered though the apartment shutting some of the windows.  When I got to the living room window, I remembered the man looking up at me previous evening. Maybe I had imagined he was looking up at me.  People were hurrying along the street to get the tram to the city.  I was waiting for Les to come home and give me a lift to work, as he usually did after his guard duty. 

I could have taken the tram to work, but it just took longer as I had to make a connection in the centre Dortmund.  You met some very interesting people on the trams. It was not unusual for the locals to have a beer and a bratwurst for breakfast.  One morning I was sitting next to a German man who took a beer and a sandwich from brief case whilst on the tram and ate them right there in front of me. He noticed I was watching him, and took another beer out his briefcase which he proceeded to offer me. I declined of course, but was curious about how a beer would taste a seven o clock in the morning.

I never did find out! The earliest beer I ever drank was ten thirty am, and I thought that was really early.  It gave me the best beer buzz ever.  It was the morning we moved into our apartment here on Robert Strasse, when we were waiting for the truck to turn up with the furniture.  One of Les’s friends, Mike, suggested we go across the road to the closest bar.  We could have had coffee, we intended to have coffee, but on the spur of the moment, Mike ordered a beer and without any persuasion I said “Me too”.  Les looked at us both like we were INSANE, and then laughed and said “Make that three beers”.  I think that was the BEST beer I had ever tasted.


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