Auf Wiedersehen Pet

This show was hysterical


Here is the sixth installment of ‘A Walk in the Park’!

I thought you might like to see the characters from ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’, a show all Brits living in Germany, loved to watch. It was a perfect combination of British humor and German lack of it. The Germans really did have a sense of humor, we just didn’t understand it.


As well as the fun we had in 1982, there was also sadness. Over two hundred and fifty soldiers lost their lives in the British Falkland Islands. Not a huge death toll when you compare it to Iraq or Afghanistan, but any life lost is one too many. 


I climbed the stairs slowly, my head heavy with thoughts of the girl I had just met, and the large mean looking man who had been shouting her name.  I was happy to get back home and close the door behind me. It was nice and quiet in our penthouse apartment.  I sat and watched the television for a while. In Germany we watched something called BFBS, which showed English programs, I watched ‘Auf Wiedersehen  Pet’ which was a show about a group of British Contractors working on a building site in Germany.  Most of them were Geordies, but there was also a guy from Birmingham and one from Liverpool.  It was hysterically funny to watch, and even funnier if you were living in Germany at the time.  Oh how we loved to make fun of the Germans.  After watching this I was brought back to reality as a list of all of those British Soldiers who lost their lives in the Falkland Islands was broadcast.  

This is what we were fighting for

It always made my cry, probably more real to me because I was married to a British soldier. I couldn’t understand why we were even fighting for a place so far from home.  Argentina invaded the Falklands on Friday April 2nd 1982, a date I will never forget. I was living with my parents at the time, longing to join Les in Germany, waiting for an army quarter.  My dad came running into the room to tell me about the invasion, he was very excited about the whole thing. It probably brought back Second World War memories, and no matter how bad that war was, he talked about it the same way we talk about going to high school, they were the ‘The Good Old Days!’ The invasion actually scared me to death and made me feel even more determined to join Les in Germany whether army accommodation was available or not.  I just felt like time was running out for the world!


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