Crying in the Park

I heard crying

Welcome back! Below is the fifth installment of  ‘Walk in the Park’. You can read this story from the beginning if you go to the earlier posts on my blog. For those of you who have been following me from February, and have read my other stories, I really hope you are enjoying this one. This story is my longest yet and I am still writing it.  Feed back always welcome.


Thanks for staying with me and enjoy chapter five

I really wasn’t sure what to do next because of my lack of understanding of the German language.  I had not been in this situation before. I didn’t know enough German to help an extremely distressed girl. I had intended to attend German lessons which were bein given by the British Army, but never got round to it.  Same old excuse, never enough time, always something else to do. I was debating what I should do when I heard an angry shout from the direction of the gate I had just entered. “ANNA” someone was yelling, there was a lot more yelling too, but I didn’t understand the rest of it, all I heard was “ANNA”. The girl on the bench froze! She immediately stopped crying and literally froze. 

I could see she was afraid of the person with the angry voice. He hadn’t moved from the gate but was yelling loudly enough to scare us both.  Impulsively I ran forward to the bench and grabbed the girl’s hand, “Anna?” I asked. She nodded her head and looked very scared. I took her hand and we ran, she needed no persuasion to come with me. We ran to the other gate and I opened it quietly. We slipped through silently.

We opened the gate and quietly slipped out of the park

The angry voice was still raging behind us, but it didn’t seem to be coming any closer. I felt pretty uncomfortable running with two beers and a bratwurst not quite digested in my tummy, so we ran a little further and then stopped. I turned and looked at Anna, who had stopped crying and seemed a little more composed. 

I let go of her hand and she looked up at me “Danke” she said, and then tried to talk in English, which didn’t really work, so she used hand gestures to try to make me understand. “Betrunken” she said as she made a drinking gesture.  She obviously wasn’t drunk so I knew she was talking about the man with the angry voice. She tried to smile, but I could see it was hard.  A bruise was beginning to form around the eye socket of her left eye and she had brutal hand prints on her right arm.  She saw me looking at them. “Com sie mit” I said to her, I think that meant come with me.  She shook her head. “Nein Danke” she said and started walking along the road, which ran parallel with the park. I walked with her for a few feet, and then stopped when she increased her speed to get away from me. “Anna” I called after her, but she just walked faster still.  I watched her until she turned the corner at the next street disappearing from sight. She had turned the opposite way from the park, and the angry man, but I still felt uncomfortable for her.  He would find her eventually, and who knows how many more bruises she would end up with.  I walked slowly back to my apartment.  It was starting to get dark now, I looked at my watch, it was approaching eight o clock, where had the day gone?


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