Celebrate Good Times


I am celebrating an achievement in my life, all be it small!  I have always wanted to be a writer, and now I am. In a month from now I will be launching my book ‘Girl on the Beach’ which some of you have already read here on this blog. When it is published it will be edited, and have a professional cover.  I am really excited, and scared.  What if no one buys it? What if no one likes it? What if someone tells me it stinks?

If we lived our lives being scared of ‘What if’s’ we would never achieve anything.  If this story doesn’t work, I have plenty more to write, I am not easily discouraged and I am too old to give up.

The ebook will be first, followed by a paperback if things work out.  Support me, watch for my book and give me feed back. 

Stephen King, if you are reading my blog, read my story!


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times

  1. Thank you. Not at work today, sick day after a minor hospital visit. Once you get settled, you should contact the guys at darkfireproductions, who are putting out my ebook. They only charge $50. I paid to have it edited (because I need that), and I am paying for someone to do a cover, but with your talents, you could do your own cover and editing yourself. I won’t make much, if anything for this book, but I regard it as marketing and getting my name out there. Good luck with your move, my husband is exmilitary and I have had to move many times myself. Worth it when you get unpacked at the other end, but hard to do.

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