I’m Back – Get Ready

This place has to be haunted!

I feel like I have neglected this blog so badly, but I am back.  I just had a fabulous couple of weeks in Rome, which I badly needed.  I haven’t been to Italy in so long, almost twenty years.  I must admit, I am Jet-lagged today, but my brain is starting to tick over a little again and I am getting ready to start posting snippets of my current story. 

Check the link to my travel blog on the side of this page if you like photos and travel. Also the story of my move to America is there, and making progress.

Don’t give up on me…keep checking in, things will start moving again soon.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back – Get Ready

  1. I need to get going with my writing. Glad to see you are continuing with yours too. Wish I had been more ambitious at your age, like you are, but I gave in and went for guaranteed money. I have to admit, I regret it.

    If you ever need to bounce ideas off me, feel free. I will keep you informed of anything I think will help you too! Maybe and old brain and a young brain can come up with a good marketing plan. I think you have the edge though, I love your blog.

    Take Care

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