Count Dracula, True Blood and other Vampires

Remember the Count?

Happy Friday everyone.  I am feeling more relaxed than I have felt in about two years.  Could it be because I am fortunate enough to have a month off work?  I think so!  My 1980’s Germany story should have been finished long ago, but I have just been too busy. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of September.  I am planning to launch ‘Girl on the Beach’ in October, maybe another launch (A walk in the Park)will follow in January.

As you all know, I am a huge Stephen King fan, was hooked from the very first chapter of the very first book I ever read, and have read everything since. Kindle and now the iPad have made reading easier and fun again. I hope Mr. King continues to write because I will miss him dreadfully when he stops. I don’t watch a great deal of TV but would not miss an episode of True Blood! Haven’t Vampires come a long way?  Look at Christopher Lee here, he was my first Vampire experience and before him there was that wonderful serene Vampire who scared my parents. Yes Bella Lugosi, anyone remember him?

Was he the first?

Lugosi and Lee may not look too frightening now, but back in early days of horror movies, they scared us pretty bad.  Now Vampires are handsome and sexy.  Who doesn’t find Eric in True Blood appealing.  How many teenagers long to be bitten by Edward.  Yes Vampires have changed over the years, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes change is good! I have no vampire stories that I can base on fact, well maybe one! Count Dracula is buried in Whitby you know. You didn’t know that? You will have to keep reading my Novella’s, maybe there is a vampire story on the horizon.


4 thoughts on “Count Dracula, True Blood and other Vampires

  1. I’m a fan of vampires. I really enjoyed watching Nosferatu in my German Film class (I also love old German expressionist films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) and I’m actually reading Dracula right now :3 I can’t say I agree with all the directions vampire stories have gone in recent years, but I think it’s a cool concept to weave into one’s one work. It would be cool if you wrote something about vampires!

  2. If I can get the right story in my head I will write about vampires. It has to be right though, not gimmicky. I used to be terrified by Christopher Lee and I love the mystery and history involved in the whole Transylvannian Vampire era. Vlad the Impaler is terrible and fascinating all at the same time. One day I will find time to make writing my main priority. I hope you stay in touch because I love your art, and if I ever am able to publish a serious book, I would love you to design the cover. I have never heard of the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. I will look it up. I agree Vampires have lost their mystery with the direction they have gone, but I can’t resist True Blood. The sense of humor in it appeals to me!

    • Christopher Lee is a legend! I was so happy when they chose him and Sir Ian McKellen for The Lord of the Rings because I think both are amazing actors. Have you ever checked out the trivia section of Lee’s bio on

      I want him as my grandpa!

      I would be so honored to do a book cover for you! I wish you much, much success with your books. Hopefully someday soon we can both have that success 😀 Just gotta finish up my novel first before I think about that, though!

      • I agree, I was very glad the chose this pair for Lord of the Rings. I hope you enjoyed that series. I loved the way they did those movies. I thought Vigio Mortensen was also perfect, probably one of the best characters he has played. Although I recently enjoyed ‘The Road’. Keep working on your novel. Don’t give up. When I was in my twenties, life swayed me away from writing and it has taked thirty years for me to realize its what I love. If you ever want to bounce ideas off me, feel free. My daughter is a great artist, but life sent her to law school instead. She still paints for a hobby though. We all need a release. Hope you made it to Texas safely.

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