Night photos and wow what a week!

Night at my house

It was a race which started on Monday as soon as I got up, and ended last night when I finally got home.  It was a horror show of a week.  Not because of people, just schedules and time frames and work to be done and things going on and……well  you get the picture. Now here I am, on a Saturday morning, blogging, catching up with emails, doing expenses from my husband’s last trip, contemplating another cup of coffee and wondering what next week brings and if I can handle it? Of course I can!

Thought I would share some night-time photos with you.  Earlier in the week I shared the morning moon photo so I thought you would like to see what it is like when I get home.  Yes, it is a long day! When I hear noises outside, which of course could be coyote or deer, I pick up my camera and out I go, just in case one of my uninvited visitors appears.  I know its unlikely I could ever catch one on camera, but you NEVER KNOW!  See if you can pick out anything I can’t.


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