Haunted? You decide!

So just when I thought it was safe to go back in the spare bedroom, the window shutters started opening and shutting on their own! I keep them shut when the weather is this warm because the bedroom window faces south-west and gets the full glare of the unforgiving sun in the evening. Now, every morning, I find one shutter halfway open. This is the room my 25-year-old daughter won’t sleep in because of different things she experienced there. Her cute little puppy whimpered all night the only time he shared that room with her. Now when she visits us, she sleeps in the other room and her puppy is happy. I am going to keep my eye on this room and see if I can figure out who is staying with us and why. It’s not unusual, we have had unseen guests with us for thirty years or more.
keep reading! You never know, I may even catch something on camera! If you think I am making this up……come visit and sleep in my spare room. I dare you!


2 thoughts on “Haunted? You decide!

  1. Guess I will have to come stay!!! 😉

    It would be amazing if you could get some photos.

    If anyone suspects Spirit Activity in their home and want to capture evidence, its important to read from the paranormal experts how to do this, as sadly there are alot of images caught that show up “dust” as “spirit orbs”, this is because of the hi tech. digital image.
    A great and easy way to check this is simply by finding an area where you know theres dust(like a light shade perhaps?) Take a picture of where the light shade is, then hit the lamp shade and take another picture in the exact same spot. … Im not the most diligent housey person so I had millions of Spirit when I accidently hit the lamp shade and took a pic!!! lol

    Patience, planning and setting up a controlled environment is the key! Of course if you use an old fashioned camera and get an image of Spirit, then WOW!!
    I have seen images in our local Spiritualist Church Museum and at the Famous Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, London UK,(where I have attended Classes) just check “Skotography” if you are interested, Im sure I have some images somewhere, will see if I can search them out.

    Happy Snapping! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips. Its interesting because when we first came tothe US, the ghosts deserted us. We had lots of visitors all over the world, but not here…until we moved to this house in Franktown. Not much happened for the first couple of years and then a little at a time, it got busier. Almost like they were testing the water before moving in. Funny because it is day or night. We see people out of the corner of our eye walking up the stairs, even Lester sees them. Pretty funny!

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