Real life visitations and hauntings – share your stories

I was going to post the next chapter of my ‘Flat Country Snow’ story tonight, but have postponed for a couple fo days because first I would like you to read this.

I would like to share this with everyone, it is an interesting response to my ‘Things that go bump in the night blog’. Things don’t just happen to me, they happen to lots of people.  Share your stories with me. I really would like to hear how many people have these visitations.

Sometimes Spirits do a re-enactment, it has been well documented throughout time. Ie.Roman Soldiers seen walking through an old building with no legs (seemingly) reason being, the building had an old Roman Pathway beneath it so the house was built on a higher level, hence the appearance of “no legs”
I wonder if you are experiencing some Independence Celebrations? Because you are sensitive to Spirit World you can see and hear events that happened a 100 years ago!
It happened to me at mum’s house in Guisborough, I saw an event pass through my bedroom!!! honestly there was a horse and I actually felt the breath from its nostrils, there were horns sounding, dogs barking…curiously I wasnt scared, told mum the next day and she looked really shocked and told me of the past of this old building… 100 years ago a regular Fox Chase used to begin behind the house and passed through the Ginnel under our house(the house was about 300 years old I think and contained 1000s of Spirits!…


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