Inside my head!

This is it!

So you have all noticed the new header on my site.  Unfortunately I could only use a part of the complete work of art, as there is only a certain amount of space there.  I had to choose which section to use.  A hard choice!  That is why I had to show you the full-sized version.  Look at this, the longer you look, the more you see.  Thank you my talented niece, for spending so much time putting this together for me.  I have put a link to Shelly’s web side under my blog roll.  Her talent’s extend way beyond art work.  Check her out for yourself! Love this work of art….it shows you all what is going on inside my head. I have lived with this since I was about five years old. Is there any wonder I don’t sleep? Disturbing and wonderful.  Thanks Shelly!


3 thoughts on “Inside my head!

  1. Thank You so much for your gorgeous comments. my beautiful and talented Aunt!! ;)x

    Wow you got that up quick(did you sleep at all?):). Its worked ok hasnt it? pity the moon could not go in there, but you can only fit so much in a panoramic view. Spooky I had a ribbon floating that just creeps into the shot…

    There are no coincidences, just a series of synchronicities…

    I will be adding more of my artwork to my website(eventually) Ive a head full of imagination, always coming up with visions for new ideas in Art, but websites n write ups not my forte…..

    ‘Disturbing and Wonderful’ think I will adopt this as a description of me also…. 😉

    Thank You Sandra!!

  2. Once I get something in my head, I have to follow it through. You are the artist, and I am the writer! Everything is working out great. Adele took the photo for ‘Guy at the Bar’, which now links to Amazon so people can buy the book if they want to. You produced this fantastic artwork. Did you see how it looks on the side of my blog. I think its pretty impressive, and timeless. Once I get organized, with more books etc. I will link to to my sales also. Its a family affair, maybe we are all late starters, but we will get there.

  3. Cool, love it, ty so much and the colour scheme matches Dels sign!
    We are very Self Driven ladies, when we do something we give it our all. We brought up our children and now theyre starting their journey, we find time on our hands to go to the next phase.
    So not Late Starters, just ladies what like to keep busy sharing something we enjoy.

    I feel so blessed and fortunate and feel the urge to send out a thought to all those not using their potential……. if it feels right, do it, dont question it or put your expectations too high or too low! dont beat yourself up if it doesnt go right and think youre a failure – we learn from mistakes.
    Enjoy the moment you are in and as long as its fun, keep doing it! 🙂

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