It was a cold dark morning

We moved lock stock and barrell

We left our home in England for the very last time. A black taxi picked us up and took us to Gatwick Airport. It was exciting for my husband and I, but for a ten-year old, it was the adventure of a life time. Leaving her school and friends was tough, but to be the only kid in school to be moving to America made her feel like a movie star.  No one believed her at first, her teacher even called me to see if it was true.  When I told her it was, she was horrified.  We were moving to the land of gun fights and car chases….rich considering we lived in Kent, the county of thieves and the English Mafia…….! The United States of America would be our new home.  We paid the taxi driver and tipped him well. Then we sat in the airport and looked at each other…what had we done?  Too late to change our minds now.


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