Could have lost more weight but……

My college and I were taken for High Tea at the Brown Palace. Who could resist seconds of those scones, cream, little bit sized sandwiches and wonderful cakes? It was absolutely delicious.  I ate my fill and enjoyed the great company I was with.  Thanks John and Lori for inviting us.

On Saturday I should have cut the New York Strip in half and saved it for a sandwich later, but it was so good, along with the mushrooms in garlic cream sauce.  The extra glass of wine probably didn’t help either,  but it was a long and stressful week, which left me exhausted so resorted to comfort food.  It means I MUST work out every day next week.  No exceptions!

Now I have to pull myself together despite the US losing to Ghana (they didn’t disgrace themselves), and England losing to the dreaded Germany (they did disgrace themselves).  Looks like Argentina are slaughtering Mexico.  Oh well, I am still enjoying the world cup.  It is helping me recapture the atmosphere from 1982 and the story I am currently writing….speaking of which….time to go!


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