Chapter Two – Two Queens and Champagne

We drank champagne and looked out at the snow

Hello again! I have my ‘writer head’ on today. Chapter two is very short.  Looking back over my blog, my chapters were all way too long so hopefully this will make an easier read. Hope you like the photo too. Sometimes these photos do make me homesick for England, but not for long. Don’t forget to send my blog link to all of  your friends if you think they would enjoy my stories.  Or they may just enjoy reading the ramblings of an eccentric Brit.  I won’t disappoint. Read and Enjoy and once again, leave your comments, I love feedback!


Two Queens and Champagne


                “You look really nice” he told me as he struggled with the champagne cork.  “Well thank you and so do you” I told him.  He really did! I glanced at myself in the mirror just to make sure my make up was OK.  Everything looked fine, I loved the dress, which matched my shoes perfectly! My hair was its usual natural mass of waves and curls, but that was the current style.  We sat down at the table under the window; on the two plush bedroom chairs next to it.  Actually the chairs were so big, we laughed and felt like a king and queen, or in this case, two queens.  We looked out of the window and down to the street, where it was still snowing lightly.  A couple of inches had fallen already, and it was glistening under the street lights.  It looked magical, well maybe the champagne was helping with that.  I picked up the bottle and looked at it. I couldn’t pronounce the name, Verve de Cliquot, I think it said.  It was French, from Rheims, which meant it was real champagne, or so Steven told me.  It tasted good!  We were having a really good time, chatting and laughing.   I felt relaxed, as though I was having a reunion with an old friend. Steven told me a little about himself, how he had never been attracted to women in a sexual way.  His best friends were female, and he had six sisters, who he got along with famously. His dad had died when he was very young, so all of his life, he had been surrounded by women.  Hardly surprising he favored men. Seven women constantly around him while he was growing up would be enough to turn anyone gay.  After my second  glass of champagne I really felt quite tipsy.  It was excellent.  I almost felt sad that we had to leave the sanctuary of my room and go downstairs.  I didn’t want to share this man with anyone else! He was so nice to be with I wanted to sit, drink champagne and chat all night. It made a nice change from the every other boy I had dated who would try to get you drunk as quickly and cheaply as possible, with a view to getting you alone and groping you.  Steven peered out of the window, and said “Look, there he is” I looked down to the street where a taxi had just pulled up by the front entrance and a balding man was getting out.  The taxi driver held the other door open for a frumpy looking lady in a fur coat.  I laughed, and looked across to see Steven looking at me with a puzzled expression on his face, he looked down at Sgt and Mrs. Davies and he laughed too.  They looked like Mr. and Mrs. Frump.  She was wrapped up tightly in her rabbit fur and he had a big military style coat on.  It was black and double-breasted, clearly military style.  It was in his blood.  I bet his shoes we polished so you could see your face in them  “Or see up ladies skirts with them”  I thought, and laughed again.  Now we were both laughing and we didn’t really know why. Well maybe we did, we had finished the bottle of champagne. It came all the way from Rheims and was the best thing I had ever tasted. The Davies disappeared into the front of the hotel, which meant we really must break away from our little bubble of happiness and join them downstairs.  I was hoping we would get something to eat, it wasn’t that long since our last meal, but neither of use ate a whole lot of what had been on our plates, too much talking. Since then we had drunk a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne so we really needed something to eat. Just as I was about to open the door, Steven put his arms around me. “I really like you, I feel a great connection between us, I wish things were different, but they never will be.  I am 25 and for my whole life I have known I was different. I have to come to terms with it somehow. I have never been with a man, which is hard, it makes me feel like I am a monk or something, but it’s a choice I made, and this is the way it is. No use kidding myself that I am something I am not. I hope we can always be friends, always” I hugged him back and felt pretty tearful to be honest. Maybe it was the champagne, I don’t know, but I hugged him tight and told him I would always be his friend.  I meant it too!


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