Lets Celebrate 1000 Visitors! (Almost)

I started my blog in February and was very apprehensive and afraid of making a fool of myself. I started in a very coy manner, just posting chapters from my stories. Nervous in case someone left a nasty comment or told me my stories were awful!  Yes, I admit, I am a sensitive writer.  Now here I am, blogging away, chatting about anything and everything, and 974 of you have visited my blog,  read my stories and laughed at my ramblings.  Thank you! I almost feel famous. Keep visiting! I have never had so many friends. I will be posting the second chapter of my third story this weekend.  Hope you like it.

1000 Visitors!


4 thoughts on “Lets Celebrate 1000 Visitors! (Almost)

  1. And the number will keep going up and up!! It is just too good for words to express, but you do it so well!!
    You breathe a breath of fresh air into the written word!

    I sense the change and you explain it in such a real sense.

    Keep on keeping it real, a rare and much needed talent in our world today, and you got it in abundance!!


    Ps. You have inspired me too, am focusing more on getting my business up and running and actually spent time on my website yesterday!!

  2. Shelly, keep at it, you have heaps of talent. It seems we just have to start believing in ourselve, and when people try to squash us, we duck and dive and stay whole! Keep smiling girl!

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