Four Pounds per Chapter Weight Loss Program

View from Hotel Grand Flora - Rome

Its Sunday, the last day of a hot busy weekend.  I got on the scales this morning and decided I MUST get ten pounds off! I am making a deal with myself to do this!  I want to get ten pounds off by August 1st, which is almost two pounds a week. Monitor my progress. I am posting a chapter of my current story every two weeks, which means I should lose four pounds per chapter.  Next Sunday I am going to post Chapter Two of Flat Country Snow….if you don’t see it here you know I failed!  ( This is only one week from now so I only need to lose two pounds before next Sunday). You guys are Judge and Jury! Maybe I will still get to Rome in August, and if I do, I want to be ten pounds lighter. 

PS. My husband makes the BEST Grand Marnier souffle……..didn’t help with my weight program, but it was worth it.


4 thoughts on “Four Pounds per Chapter Weight Loss Program

  1. I should try this, it sounds like a great idea! What kind of exercises will you be doing? I know running is best, but I can only stand running for 10-15 minutes :\ I can ride my bike all day, though!… As long as I have a riding buddy :3 I wish we lived near each other so we can be workout buddies!

    — Gally

  2. Walking and bike riding are my favorite outdoors! I hate running. Not natural for a woman to run! I use weights at home and do sit ups and stretch. eliptical at the gym. Just fit in exercises when I can though. Working full time, writing, and trying to help my husband set up a business. Days aren’t long enough. Exercise is good for your soul though isn’t it. Are you in California?

    • Wow, you sound busy! Just remember to get enough sleep — lack of sleep actually contributes to weight gain. Wish I had known that in college when I typically only got 4 hours a night 😦

      Yeah, I live in California near Monterey Bay. How about you?

  3. Yea, I am a bad sleeper, which makes me have to eat better and work out more. Four hours sleep is bad though! I have not been to Monterey Bay, everyone says it is gorgeous though. I do love San Francisco. My favorite places in the US are San Francisco and New Orleans. I like how cosmopolitan they are. I love the people in both places.

    I live just outside Denver in Colorado. Out in the country. Nice and peaceful.

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